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At HavenGuard we offer affordable siding solutions in a multitude of styles, textures, colors and materials. We can help you turn your house into your dream home!

We offer complete installation as well as repairs to existing siding.

Siding not only gives your home an entirely new look, there are several other benefits to a exterior renovation! Here are just a few:

Increase curb appeal – variety of colors, profiles and textures with architectural details to enhance the appearance of your home!

Repair Hidden Structural Damage – Aging siding or other home exteriors can sometimes hide deteriorated or water damaged plywood, studs, etc. When we replace the siding we can repair this damage.

Increase Energy Efficiency – Add additional insulation to your exterior walls to improve energy efficiency.

Increase Resale Value – A typical exterior siding project adds significant value to your home, offering an future return on your investment!

Low Maintenance – Vinyl siding is very low maintenance and durable. It often requires little to no upkeep, freeing up your time with your family.

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