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Are you considering installing a skylight in your home?  Do you have an improperly installed skylight that is leaking or susceptible to moisture and condensation?  Trust the professionals at HavenGuard.  Quality is our first priority on every job!

There are several factors to evaluate when installing a skylight.  We’ll evaluate your project and determine what your best options are prior to our estimate and installation.

Some of the factors we consider are:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Tightness of seal to avoid moisture
  • Sound Reduction
  • Load Capacity
  • Wind Resistance, UV Coatings & Ventilation
  • Location

Placement is important and we determine the exact installation after an inspection of the location of the rafters or trusses in your home.

Skylight installation is heavily dependent on good weather conditions.  Installations are scheduled at times to ensure that your home, and the materials used for installation are protected from moisture.  Contact us today for more information.

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